Precision Opinions Live: HCG, Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), and Hormone Replacement for Weight Loss

This week on Precision opinions Live! Are you struggling with weight loss? Do you struggle with eating habits, or sticking to your diet during the holiday season? Maybe you have an inflammatory illness or a food allergy. Precision Opinions Live is here to help start your journey on the path to wellness!

We visit our friend Dr. David Gentile (DO, ABAARM, ABIHM) of Oasis Integrative Medicine, to discuss weight loss and more!

This episode of Precision opinions Live was record within the Oasis Integrative Medicine practice, during a normal business day. Pharm D ABAAHP and host of Precision Opinions Live, Christian Stella, thoroughly explores weight loss, Dr. Gentile’s practice as well as his use of LDN. Everything from his approach to diets during the holiday season and calorie counting, to hormonal secrets and even how Dr. Gentile evaluates his patients.

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Dr. David Gentile can be contacted via his website or by the information contained within this episode.

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