Why Telehealth?

Telehealth has caused a major advancement in the health care field. Patients are now able to conveniently access their medical care from the comfort of their home with the help of technology, avoiding long waiting room stays, on demand medical care, and can be easier to fit in a busy schedule. Providers are able to work with patients without the fear of spreading COVID-19, flu, and other diseases. Amid any pandemic, or global health crisis, it is critical for both patients and providers to each do our part to decrease the spread.

At Precision Compounding Pharmacy and Wellness, our focus is to simplify the world of telehealth for our affiliate partners, making provider and pharmacy care easy and accessible. Our telehealth model has been developed to partner with affiliate companies and dropship both retail and compounded prescription items straight to patients’ homes.  As your telehealth pharmacy partner, Precision Compounding Pharmacy and Wellness would like to become an extension of your telehealth staff, working beside your care coordinators as a united team to provide the best care for your patients.

We offer several services to make the telehealth process seamless when it comes to patient prescriptions such as:

  • API Availability
  • Package Design and Sourcing
  • Customized Protocols
  • Customized Medications
  • Organized Billing
  • Affordable Company Pricing

API Availability also known as Application Programming Interface, provides our telemedicine pharmacy affiliate partners live, real time updates by easily signing into our portals. This provides your care coordinators and staff members access to see up-to-date, live status updates of your patient’s prescriptions. This service answers and eliminates questions such as:

-Did Precision Compounding Pharmacy and Wellness receive the electronic prescription?

-Is the prescription being processed?

-Is the prescription being compounding and prepped in our lab?

-Is the prescription finished, awaiting Pharmacist Validation?

-Did we generate a FedEx Tracking Number?

-What is the tracking number?

Package design and sourcing is a major component of our telehealth model. We strive to make our affiliate partners and their prescription delivery look as professional as possible. We have a full-service package design and sourcing team that could give your company’s prescriptions a complete branded/customized appearance. If you do not have packaging options designed, let our team help make your prescription packaging come to life to best represent your brand. Just schedule an appointment with our team to discuss design and packaging opportunities when becoming our telehealth medication provider!

To match your company needs, allow us to customize our operation to meet your specific company protocols. Our goal is to completely tailor our operations to meet your company guidelines. It’s as easy as setting up a meeting with one of our telehealth specialist pharmacists to discuss your medical company’s protocol(s). As your telehealth partner, our pharmacy will adapt to your process.

Customized medications and formulations is what Precision Compounding Pharmacy and Wellness specializes in. With over 10,000 compound formulations, we can customize medications specifically to ensure company protocols and clinical goals are met. Our quality formulations are third-party tested upon formulation, providing standards to guarantee your patients receive only the best of quality formulations. Some components our formulations vary are based on dose administration, strength, absorption, and flavor. Discuss your company’s formulation needs with a telehealth pharmacist by setting up a meeting. Once target formulations are established, allow us to provide an affordable price for your patients.

Offering organized billing solutions can eliminate the confusing and difficult process for your telehealth company. By allowing us to customize specific operation procedures for your company, we will create a billing and processing operation based on your company guidelines and how we can best meet the needs of your patients. Set up an appointment so we can best deliver care as an extension of your telehealth and medical staff.

Affordable company pricing is an important part of your telehealth practice. At Precision Compounding Pharmacy and Wellness, we welcome you to meet with us to discuss how your customized formulations can help your patients financially and provide affordable care. Offering a competitive advantage, we can beat any competitor’s prices in a similar field to ensure affordability needs are met.

Precision Compounding Pharmacy and Wellness values telehealth as a new essential to many health care practices. Let us help you completely customize our procedures to meet your company’s needs to provide and deliver the best patient care available as an extension of your telehealth staff!