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Can Compounded Medication Help with Depression?

Ketamine treatment has become revolutionary in the mental health community for treating treatment-resistant depression. By hitting the NMDA receptors, ketamine increases the amount of glutamate which in turn activates the AMPA receptors. Together these actions allow for positive impacts on mood, cognition, and thought patterns. While ketamine comes in many different formulations, the injectable form has 100% bioavailability, meaning that all of the dose is being absorbed. The injection is best to be used in an office setting.

How do we Comply with USP Standards?
  • Monthly environmental viable testing
  • Personnel undergo media fill testing, gowning and garbing competency, gloved fingertip testing, and observational competency testing initially and semi-annual thereafter
  • Sterility testing of compounds
  • Potency testing of compounds


To be administered in an office setting, intramuscular ketamine injection therapy has shown to be greatly effective in treatment resistant depression.


  • KIV50: Ketamine 50mg/mL
  • KIV100: Ketamine 150mg/mL

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