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From our early humble beginning in 1961, our founders believed that compounding depended on qualification, quality assurance, and quality control.

In order to maintain such high standards, Precision Compounding Pharmacy and Wellness built a state-of-the-art facility in Long Island, New York. Our facility allows us to provide the safest, precise, and efficacious compounded formulations to patients. This same standard has remained the steady focus of our company and staff throughout the years as we expanded.

Our Facility Features:

  • Non-sterile laboratory for creams, capsules, suspensions etc.
  • Hazardous Non-Sterile laboratory for all bio-identical hormones
  • Sterile laboratory for IV, injectable, and ocular formulations
  • Hazardous Sterile Laboratory for all hazardous sterile compounds
  • Consultation room for private patient questions or consultations
  • Wellness shop for all professional grade supplements and more
  • Comfortable waiting room for a relaxing visit
  • Private parking lot that will allow easy access to our facility

Health and Wellness comes easier with face-to-face consultation.

We can assist further with our concierge pick-up options.

Technology Based Compounded Medication

We are dedicated to the art of compounding any formulation for any individual who can benefit from specialized medication.

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We are proud to hold the highest standards by the FDA.

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