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Precision Compounding Hormone Therapy

Every human being produces hormones on a day to day basis. The hormones used at Precision Compounding are derived from yams which are all natural. These hormones have the exact same chemical structure as the hormones that already float around in our bloodstream. When we use these bio-identical hormones they fit into our receptors like a lock and key. Synthetic hormones are not structurally the same as our bodies’ natural hormones and they can cause terrible side effects. When injected, the hormone is distributed directly into the bloodstream to specifically target low blood levels while improving symptoms.

How do we Comply with USP Standards?
  • Monthly environmental viable testing
  • Personnel undergo media fill testing, gowning and garbing competency, gloved fingertip testing, and observational competency testing initially and semi-annual thereafter
  • Sterility testing of compounds
  • Potency testing of compounds


Patients suffering from hormone deficiencies benefit from intramuscular injections directly into the muscle for better absorption than other formulations.


  • PIVE50: Progesterone Ethyl Oleate 50mg/mL
  • TIVG50: Testosterone Cypionate 50mg/mL in Oil
  • TIVG100: Testosterone Cypionate 100mg/mL in Oil
  • TIVG150: Testosterone Cypionate 150mg/mL in Oil
  • TIVG200: Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/mL in Oil
  • TIVG250: Testosterone Cypione 250mg/mL in Oil


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