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Using Oils for Sensitivities

Many of the commercially available injectable products contain many additives. Some patients have sensitivities to the additives in commercially available medications. Here at Precision Compounding Pharmacy & Wellness, we offer a selection of oils that can be used to substitute the additives in many of the commercially available products. The most commonly used oil for patients with sensitivities is grapeseed oil. Although we do have other options.

How do we Comply with USP Standards?
  • Monthly environmental viable testing
  • Personnel undergo media fill testing, gowning and garbing competency, gloved fingertip testing, and observational competency testing initially and semi-annual thereafter
  • Sterility testing of compounds
  • Potency testing of compounds

Oils for Sensitivities

We offer the following oils to be used in injections to help patients with sensitivities:


  • Grapeseed (default)
  • Cottonseed
  • Sesame Seed

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