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Frank Stella: The Start of an Era

Frank Stella graduated from Brooklyn College of Pharmacy in 1932.

After graduation he opened the first Stella’s Pharmacy located in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn (1934). Frank lived above the pharmacy in an apartment with his wife, Mary and sons, Peter and Rocco.

In the 1930’s, large manufactures didn’t exist, so compounding was very popular for neighborhood pharmacies. Frank worked with doctors in the area to compound digestive enzyme capsules and antibiotic ointments for patients in need.

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Rocco Stella: Urgent Care of the 60’s

In 1957, Rocco Stella graduated from St. John’s University with his BS in Pharmacy.

On March 15th 1961 Rocco opened Stella’s Pharmacy in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Rocco’s pharmacy slowly became the neighborhood’s equivalent of today’s urgent care. If patients had wounds, cuts, or colds in Canarsie they felt comfortable going to see their knowledgeable pharmacist for guidance.

During the 70’s and 80’s in Canarsie, Brooklyn, Rocco Stella was known as the town’s caretaker. Although pharmaceutical companies became larger, Rocco continued compounding formulations with camphor, menthol, benzocaine, and lidocaine. He also compounded flavored suspensions for pediatrics.

Rocco was a role model to his son (Frankie Stella), daughter (Lisa Stella), and grandson (Christian Stella), as they all followed in his footsteps.

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John Stella: Expansion and Growth

Rocco Stella’s son, John Stella became the business development specialist for Stella’s Pharmacy. He met his eventual partner, Frank Longo, working at Stella’s Pharmacy in Canarise.

They soon became a team and started Great Neck Chemist in 1987, after Frank Longo graduated from St. John’s University as a pharmacist. John and Frank had a passion for long term care specialty and drove the business in that direction.

Farmingdale became the new headquarters for the long term care business where specialists compound antibiotics and sterile formulations for nursing homes, assisted living facilities and long term care facilities.

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Christian Stella: Going Back to the Roots

Rocco’s grandson, Christian graduated from St. John’s University in 2016 with a doctorate degree in pharmacy.

He was fascinated by the legacy his great grandfather and grandfather had left behind. While researching his family’s pharmaceutical history, Christian came across a common theme, that was one of customizing medications to fit people’s needs. This is where his passion and specialty lies as he propels Precision Compounding forward to satisfy specialty medicinal needs in the pharmaceutical industry.